What the LGBTI Community Can Teach Us All


Every time you hear of a famous celebrity, artist, friend, family member, who has come out and faced the world, saying ‘This is who I am, and I am unashamed to show it,’ a portion of humanity applauds them, and the rest doesn’t.

Those who applaud them acknowledge their strength, their resilience, their identity. We support and accept them as just another human being, different, but still fundamentally the same.

Those who do not applaud them see them only as different. As something strange and alien to what is ‘normal’ for a human being.

But What Is “Normal?”

Normal is what we accept as ordinary, what we are used to. The more savage side of humanity wishes to destroy anything that isn’t normal, directly or indirectly. Which is why the LGBTI community suffers so much discrimination, so much abuse, so much hate. It is once again the typical case of ‘fear of the unknown.’

It is ridiculous to some (and to me) that anyone who identifies as homosexual in some countries to this day are still stoned to death, a legal punishment in their respective national jurisdictions.

I am sure you know someone in your family circle or social circle who is homosexual. We don’t even want to imagine them in such a terrible situation, being prosecuted purely for being true to their hearts.

By doing so, by being honest with their feelings, they are a living their lives based on their own definition of normal.

That may not be your personal definition of normal. It might be normal for you to have a cup of coffee and a doughnut every morning. For others, they might prefer scrambled eggs and a glass of spirulina.

Just a simple example goes to show that normal does not have to mean “the same”.

We should probably link it more to “natural.” As it is natural for the grass to grow, or for an apple to fall from a tree after it has grown enough. If a certain woman loves a man, and another woman loves a woman, they both are being true to the natural human emotion that is love, and I don’t know how much more authentic or ‘natural’ one can be.

The Big Lesson

The LGBTI community shows the world as a whole that it’s okay to be different. That it’s okay to be true to yourself, despite what others think of you. The louder the voices of the LGBTI community get, the more the world realises that backward, close-minded paradigms are breaking down, and that is a huge cause for celebration.

Yes, they do suffer. Yes, a vast majority of them have thought of suicide as a way out. Some of them have even taken that path.

But what can we learn from this?

No matter who you are, what you look like, who you love, or what you believe in, you are on this earth to live your life in freedom. By being authentic to yourself, and respecting yourself, you are creating a path on this earth that will lead to your fulfilment, it will lead to your happiness, and your own version of success.


Never sacrifice your feelings or your values for what other people tell you to do. Even if they yell it at you, even if they abuse you. Never let the bully win by hating them in return.

Don’t condemn them because they don’t understand. They are living their lives by their own values. Never fight for peace with war. That only causes pain.

And never lie to yourself and force yourself to be different from who you are naturally. That will only lead to unhappiness, frustration, and more pain. If you lie to yourself, at some point in your future you will realise that everything around you is wrong, because it is a reflection of your inner turmoil, a reflection of you having wronged yourself.

All you have to do is draw your attention away from them, and focus on your own truth. Hear their words but don’t listen to them. Move on and be true to yourself.

Everyone out there who has ‘come out’ have felt an overwhelming amount of relief. They feel free. “Yes, I can do my own thing now.” They may feel a slight amount of fear, because of the exposure or because they feel alone, however with every person who accepts their own truth and comes out, the faster this becomes a minority and the less people feel alone.

If it’s you that is under pressure, that is struggling against the suffocating paradigms, about work, or about your career, or in your social surroundings, about your tastes, your goals, your values, your feelings for someone– break free from that, come out from that. It is possible.

And it is not your mission to make the whole world love you. It is your mission to live your life based on your intuition and your values. That is what everyone is fundamentally free to do. Let everyone else do their thing, and at the same time, don’t forget to let yourself do your own thing too.

Remember, it’s possible. It’s happening all around us. It’s one of the reasons why we should be grateful for our diversity.

Posted Originally on Collective Evolution, June 4 2014


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