[Writing Day] 19. Understanding People

[Writing Day] 19 3

Random Thought of the Day: When you look into someone’s eyes, you only see brushstrokes of colour, the empty black of their pupils. It’s almost impossible to actually see who they are, what their story is, and what they’ve gone through in their lifetime.

J. First initial of name of my main character, living his London dream. Moved from the countryside, to pursue his ambitions.

My mother travelled alone from Chile to Australia, with very little English, in search for a better future for my family. It’s amazing she did that in her 20s, my big sister only a little girl back then.

[Writing Day] 19 1

Now, I have two sisters. Up there, buying tea. My little sister and I were born in Australia, yet my parents, grandparents and older sister are all from Chile.

I grew up with Spanish and English, surrounded by people of various different cultures and various different tongues. It’s thanks to this experience that I’ve made friends with people of various nationalities, and I’ve always been taught, and in life have proved, to never judge a person based on their clothes, accessories, skin colour, hair-style, facial features, or the language they speak.

Just as we all know never to judge a book by it’s cover, nor should we judge people based on what we see.

[Writing Day] 19 4

Be prepared to see past the first impression, and open-minded enough to understand from where they have come from and what they have gone through.

Continuing the above random thought: Every person present in your life today, yesterday, and tomorrow, are there for a reason: to teach you something. Open your eyes. Life is an education.

In Australia, there are people who have racist tendencies. But, there are also those who don’t. There is also beauty in this land, you just have to let yourself believe.

J suffered many years of bullying, yet he chose to believe in the beauty and opportunities of Life.

I have learnt many things in my short life, in this country, on this planet. And I suspect I will continue to learn, because I know there is more need and room for learning, wherever I am.

Peace x


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