[Writing Day] 23. Happy Exhaustion

[Writing Day] 23 3

Anastasia turned 11! Whoohoo!

This explains the reason for my relatively short posts these past few days, probably tomorrow as well.

I’m feeling terribly lost, exhausted, but satisfied that she enjoyed her day, and grateful for her presence in our lives. She inspires me not only to try harder, to keep smiling, she inspires me to live. She has taught me the joys of life in her short 11 years, looking forward to the future together!! =)

[Writing Day] 23 2

[Writing Day] 23 1

Spent the evening baking an extra healthy cake with only 200g spelt flower and 2 tbsp. of sugar, gotta put on the rest of the strawberries tomorrow. After finishing that, I spent a little less than an hour working with Edgar Bullon. He has a fantastic blog and a very good philosophy in life. Reading his work makes me appreciate my job as an editor. =)

Have I been writing? Yes… London Dream. But after a Chloe, who read my book, asked me for the sequel for The Strength in Honesty, realised I should get a wriggle on.

Hmmmm. Not today, though haha

I am happily exhausted, as the title of this post. Before bed, soup!

Cheers x

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