[SundaySomethings] Gratitude

tumblr_mcbbl7gH0o1r7g1m1o1_500Are you ignoring any hidden blessings in your life?

With our busy lifestyles, bombarded by constantly updated news-feeds, living our lives watching the clock, rushing from here to there – stop, and think, every few seconds:

What do you have right this moment that you can be grateful for?

The sun, the moon. The air. Your lungs. The sky, your home, your shoes. Your food, your coffee. Your family, your friends. Your clothes, the money in your wallet, the fact you have a wallet. Your phone, your working brain.

The list is endless.

The more you complain, the less grateful you are. The more grateful you are, more blessings will come to you and surround you.

Love. Life. Live.

Cheers x

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