[Weekend Shots] Birthday Breakfast

[Weekend Pics] 2 3

Gertude and Petunia’s, with lovely music from the 30s-40s or modern covers of classic songs. A small, cozy place with a lovely country feel just 10 minute drive from Sydney CBD. Campos coffee and fancy tea, this place is gorgeous.

(Cmon someone please start paying me to review cafes, it’s like a fantasy job for me. You can contact me through here. =P )


Okay, everyone knows it was Anastasia’s birthday on Friday, we celebrated yesterday. Dad took us out for a light brekkie before we had lunch, my older sister Paula made a lovely risotto. Sadly I was too hungry and caught up in the hunger in itself that I forgot to take a photo of it. Tbh I haven’t taken many photos this weekend, not as much as last.

[Weekend Pics] 2 2

[Weekend Pics] 2 1

Really nice vegetarian croissant and a large weak soy latte. Very weak. Even though I love coffee, I can’t have too much caffeine too often because my stomach just can’t take it. In moderation, it’s fine. And yeah, we’re all vegetarian. Not just for health reasons, but because the Cosmos educated us by some ‘chance’ articles and documentaries which came our way some months back.

Well, nothing happens by chance. Of course not.

The animals suffer too much. It’s pure cruelty. It’s like an industrialized Holocaust. Strong words, I know. But I won’t go into detail here, in a future blog post perhaps.

[Weekend Pics] 2 4

My Dad. =) He hadn’t shown up in the blog before, he’s usually always at work.

[Weekend Pics] 2 5

Pink Pinky Pie cake for Anastasia. Took me longer to do than others, but as always, very low sugar content, 2 tbsp. sugar, lots of fresh strawberries outside and in, made with spelt flour.

Anastasia was happy, and that’s what’s important.

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Cheers x

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