[Writing Day] 24. What To Write About When You Have Nothing To Write About

Anything. Everything. Silly things. Nonsensical things. Things that don’t make sense. Idle crap. Gibberish. Anything that pushes your buttons. Everyday things. Imaginary things.

About you, or someone you know. Someone made-up, or no-one at all.

To me, writing is a feeling, rather than an activity. I can feel ‘writing’ inside me, and so I will write. When I don’t feel it, I don’t write.

Sometimes, you need to write something. For work, school. For a deadline, a submission, or a request.

Today, I had to write something for this blog. I want to keep it a habit to post every day, and today I had no external idea on what to write about.

So, again, I wrote about anything. The first thing that came into my head.

Don’t care if it sounds silly, if it doesn’t make sense. Don’t worry about what other people will think about it.

If you want to write, don’t look at it from a logical, analytical way. Let no fears or reason shut you down.

Break the writer’s block wall, let yourself do it. After all, you’re the writer. You have the ability to create. Co-create, really. Every idea already exists in the Cosmos. After all, what is reality? Who is to say that what you dream or fantasize about cannot be real. Who owns the rule book?

No person owns the rulebook. No human being wrote it.

It was written by the first creator ever, the Cosmos itself. Vast, infinite. Maybe dragons and unicorns do exist. Elves and goblins. People who can speak to trees. Maybe magic exists, wizards, witches. Magic itself is a creative force…

You see? This post is all stream of consciousness.

And now I’m all into magic and wizards and infinite possibilities. Yep, even if it’s hard, you’ll get to it in the end. You’ll tap into the creative force – once again, you’ll feel that feeling.

Now, I think I will go and write some fiction.

Toodle-oo, everybody!

Cheers x

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