[Writing Day] 25. 300 Followers! WUT.


Wut. Wat. How.

All I can say is, thank you! =) Thank you Cosmos, thank you dear family, thank you all followers! =)

Gotta keep at it, keep working hard, keep writing. Spreading good vibes, good messages, inspiration on life and on writing in general. I started this not knowing where it was going but feeling it was the right thing to do. Once again, the intuition. I’d started about four previous blogs that eventually dried up like fallen rose petals. Dark, smelly, and dead. LOL how morbid. Because, I guess, it wasn’t the right time to do it. Heck who knows.

Now it seems it’s going somewhere. Now I have more of an idea of where this is going, and it still feels write, even if every post is short, small and simple, if it reaches out to some of you out there, if it actually means something for you, then, it’s all worth it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope I can keep writing, building this more, and being more of a service to this wonderful Universe.

Today I spent the day working on a flyer for EYV’s Essay writing courses and emailing oDesk, brilliant website for freelancers or people looking for freelancers. After this, I will do more knitting, and hopefully more writing.

Lots of love everyone, hope you’re all doing well in your world.

Cheers x

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One thought on “[Writing Day] 25. 300 Followers! WUT.

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