[Writing Day] 26. Creation In A Dusty Box

Dusty Box

Seems like I’m back to my stream of consciousness poems. Sometimes it’s good to do different things. (You mean, actually write something in one of your Writing Day posts? Why yes, cynical voice in my head. haha) =)


I’ve kept all my main scribbles since I was 11. Found them all

In a box under my bed tonight. We were clearing out old things

To renew the energy, and I found I could not let go of my old scraps

Of writing. Some, I could, because they were meaningless. Some, I couldn’t.


Nowadays it’s rare to write on paper, we mostly write on cold glass surfaces.

If I have a new idea I write on a scrap of paper, my daily planner, sometimes

The serviettes of a random café. Anything on which to write it down, and not lose that

Wisp of smoke, that stroke of wonder, that creative spark that floated down from the stars.


Most of the good sparks, the powerful ones, the ones I can feel have potential,

I will keep, I will put in that dusty box. Now, the box is in the recycling, and

All my valuable scribbles are filed cleanly away in a larger storage box,

With some Japanese textbooks, notepads, and other loose, crumpled papers.


They’re a memory of a sparkle that once shined, stored as equally in a box

Outside as much as it is stored in a little space in my heart.

Writing comes from within, inspired by that which is without – the All, the Creator, the Cosmos.

Whatever you may call it, we know what it is, whatever language we speak, we know.


All you creative people out there – you artists, writers, designers,

Filmmakers, photographers – all of you. You’re special. Why? You help

Translate some of the Magic of the Universe so we can appreciate it with our human senses.

Some may deem it impossible, how can one explain the magic, how can you


Show it to someone who doesn’t understand. Just think, you don’t need to

Understand something to love it, no need to dissect something in order to embrace it.

Creation is the opposite of Destruction, why not choose to focus on the Magic

Instead of the hate, why not concentrate on love, and peace, and harmony.


Choose to keep the things that light you up, give you wings, ignite the

Loving flames in your heart, make the warmth spread from your eyes and

Your smile to fill the hearts of others, embrace their cold, shaken shoulders.

Choose to keep the creations and discard the empty, vain destructions.


Choose the Magic, the true power of humans, and at times, the secret of

Our downfall, is that we have freedom of choice. We can choose right or wrong,

Love or hate, peace, or war. It is up to you. Let the old fall away and stay with

The new, move on, love life and live on.


Not perfect, but then, who knows what perfection is meant to look like? Haven’t done anything like this in years. Thank you, Wuji, for re-igniting my interest in writing poetry. I think flicking through all my Keats books and notes helped too. =P Well of course, I owe everything to the Cosmos anyway. =)

Cheers x

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