[Gift!] The Joys of University (Not)


Almost everyone I know now is back in class. Once again, conversations are about timetables, stress, ‘already got an assignment due’, whatismylife I have no time for anything anymore. And it’s only Week 2. Just wait til the major assignments come, the killer essays, the final exams. Whoop dee doo, isn’t school fun!

I asked my friend Samuel yesterday, if he found University fun. “Uni is uni. It’s a description in and of itself.” No room for proper fun, it seems.

So as there was good news to celebrate a couple of days back, (300 followers, whoot!), I thought – might as well give you all a present of some sort in return, to express my gratitude. =)

*sips tea from BMO mug*

Some of you may not know, I’m an Essay Sensei aside from an editor. At Empowered Young Voices, we’ve created top of the range, 5-star rated short online courses to help you students write killer essays. Students at UNSW and USYD (probably the most prestigious universities here in Sydney and overseas) have received High Distinction results with the help of these courses, so, marks of 85+ out of 100, the highest being 93. All of them. Pretty exciting hey!

You can learn Mastering Essay Structure, Lingo or Research, the first one being probably the most useful. However the three combined are great for all newbies!

The original price for these courses are $67 each for their value, exclusive tips, and for their 24/7 access. Buy any course once and you have access to it forever, reference it as you write your work, anytime, anywhere. =)

BUT since this is a gift for you, I thought I would give my followers an exclusive 50% discount! The voucher code for Mastering Essay Structure is  ‘half-offmes‘ and is valid until 31st August! Please send me a message through my contact page or leave a comment if you would like voucher codes for the other two courses! =)

*more tea*

Feel free to share this around with any friends you feel might need extra help with their courses! I know essays can be a pain, sometimes even worth 90% of your final course mark. So these courses were built to give you all the tools you might need in a fun, accessible, easy-to-understand way so you can make the most of your brilliant skills.

Anywho, that’s enough from me, I have to go keep editing. =)

Lots of love!

Cheers x

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