I’m a passionate communicator, and I like to spend my time researching and connecting with people, sharing worthwhile messages to help us spread the love for this wonderful Universe. =)

Currently 22, I work as a writer, a Self-Empowerment Coach and an Essay Writing Sensei at Empowered Young Voices. Aside from spending time with my family, I love reading, listening to music and writing. I believe in working via inspiration rather than anything else. Whatever your intuition tells you to do, go with it!

Recently I’ve started writing for Collective Evolution, a fabulous website that has helped open my eyes to the truth.

As to official studies, I did two years of university before taking a break and then switching to Law, because I realised (late, but no rush!) that was the right path for me. Needless to say, I’ve made many mistakes in life! But I’m very grateful for all the lessons the Universe has taught me.

I can’t really pinpoint my awakening, it was more of a gradual process. But I guess the past doesn’t really matter, what counts is the now. =)

Through this blog and my work, I am hoping to contribute to our evolution as a global society, however small my contribution may be, perhaps even help open the eyes of other people to the truth too. =)

Thank you for dropping by, may the peace of the Universe guide you in your path! ❤



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