Important Announcement!! :)

Weekend Shot - 1

Wanted to let you all know that I’ve moved this blog to another site,, those were the updates I told you about some days ago. Since yesterday the daily blogging has resumed and I’ll be posting there from now on! If you want to keep updated, check it out or even subscribe there if you fancy =)

I hope you’ve all been doing well, have missed blogging all this time!  

Many blessings and thanks to all of you! ❤

Cheers x



[Writing Day] 26. Creation In A Dusty Box

Dusty Box

Seems like I’m back to my stream of consciousness poems. Sometimes it’s good to do different things. (You mean, actually write something in one of your Writing Day posts? Why yes, cynical voice in my head. haha) =)


I’ve kept all my main scribbles since I was 11. Found them all

In a box under my bed tonight. We were clearing out old things

To renew the energy, and I found I could not let go of my old scraps

Of writing. Some, I could, because they were meaningless. Some, I couldn’t.


Nowadays it’s rare to write on paper, we mostly write on cold glass surfaces.

If I have a new idea I write on a scrap of paper, my daily planner, sometimes

The serviettes of a random café. Anything on which to write it down, and not lose that

Wisp of smoke, that stroke of wonder, that creative spark that floated down from the stars. Continue reading