[Writing Day] 11. Because Cake Fixes Everything

[Writing Day] 11 2


Learnt I am back to normal health, after a couple of months of being more than under the weather. All I can say, is thank you. =) This has really perked up my productivity. We went to one of our local cafes for a celebratory cake and coffee, all the while my head buzzing with ideas.

[Writing Day] 11

Cafes are probably the best places for me to work. There’s something about them. It’s like a magical world for me. My own little space. Just me and the coffee, or the tea, or the hot chocolate, my mind of somewhere, miles away, cooking up new stories.

[Writing Day] 11 3

Most of the publishing companies I looked up yesterday have “special calls”, monthly prompts or requests they send out to writers. The ones that match their needs perfectly end up getting published. I’m considering moving to a place like this with my laptop and my phone and my headphones and my wallet and just write.

[Writing Day] 11 4

After all, why not?

Today helped me get over my slight annoyance of yesterday – it’s pretty damn tough finding LGBT-friendly publishing companies. No mainstream ones, let me tell you, unless it was LGBT non-fiction. That’s something that needs to change. I guess the smaller companies make it all the more cosy, though, hey?

Although it bugged me it kind of spurs you on to help make the LGBT voice louder.

Peace, everyone x


The Strength in Honesty – Chapter 1

Strength in Hoesty small versionGenre: Gay Fiction, Male-Male Romance, Comedy

Rating: PG-13

Summary: “I would be unhappy if I lied to myself and forced myself to be different purely for the sake of appearance or the approval of society.”

Angela Norambuena’s first book deals with the profound issue of honesty in modern society, a society that focuses so much on appearances, fitting in and having hundreds of friends on social media.

In this novella, James, 20, an introspective Sociology student wiser beyond his years and Benjamin, 22, barista and part-time Accounting-Arts student, learn the importance of being honest with oneself, with one’s feelings, with one’s tastes, with one’s heart.

They learn to understand how important it is to be true to yourself, despite what others may have to say about how you should live your life and be “normal.” Together they form a strong bond, and after many soy lattes and a few mishaps along the way, their happy friendship blossoms into love.

Length: 9 Chapters, 110 pages approx.

Buy Now on Amazon, US $3.99 :  US | UK | AU | CA| JP | ES | DE | FR | IT | BR | IN | MX

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Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself

Never change yourself, never force yourself to be different. Never try to ‘fit in,’ only try to be yourself. However hard it may seem, no matter how many people criticize you. Don’t cave in to the anger, the frustration, the fear, or the hate. The fear of disapproval keeps you chained to a merciless, lifeless, empty existence. It keeps you living in anxiety, trapped inside a negative world.  Continue reading