[SundaySomethings] Gratitude

tumblr_mcbbl7gH0o1r7g1m1o1_500Are you ignoring any hidden blessings in your life?

With our busy lifestyles, bombarded by constantly updated news-feeds, living our lives watching the clock, rushing from here to there – stop, and think, every few seconds:

What do you have right this moment that you can be grateful for? Continue reading


[Something To Think About] Overcoming Your Fears


The importance of overcoming your fears has been on the back of my mind since I encountered this post by Ed, a great blogger.

Fear anchors you in powerlessness. Letting go of it, empowers you.

Ask yourself: What is dragging you down? What are you afraid of? Failure? Judgement? Friends?

Confront it, neutralize the fear, overcome it, and let yourself free, let yourself live.

Believe me, you can. More importantly, believe in yourself.

Just something to think about.

Cheers x

Image Credit: Collective Evolution‘s Facebook page

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[SundaySomethings] What is Life?

Open your eyes, listen to the music. Better yet, listen to your inner voice. Are you truly happy? Is your every day life something that satisfies you? Fulfils you? Is your weekly routine something that builds a wonderful future?

Look down the road that lies ahead of you. What is the ultimate destination?

You are living your life on this beautiful world. On this day, at this time.

Are you truly happy?

If not, time to wake up.

[CE Article] 5 Great Steps to Overcome Depression

Collective EvolutionBelieve it or not most, if not all, of us have experienced depression at some point in our lives. The extent of our depression varies according to each case, sometimes it’s so severe your doctor may recommend anti-depressants. Understandable, simple, logical diagnosis, no?

What does it mean?

De-pression. To de-press is to push down. To lower in amount or value. To be pushed lower. When you’re depressed, you’re not at your best, you’re not at your full potential, you’re not in a balanced, neutralized state of mind. You’re below that, you’re less than who you really are. Continue reading

[Writing Day] 15. Writing Prompt & Confessions

Kurtosh - Randwick, Sydney

Using everyday situations as inspiration really helps keep the words flowing. Back when I used to write all the time almost everyday, my little hub of ideas would be a good café, like this one, Kurtosh. Lovely coffee, friendly staff, great music (Bombay Bicycle Club <3), and delicious cakes and pastries.

When I took this photo I felt it took me back to a time of ceaseless creative ideas. Would love to go back to that. If anyone out there is looking for a tasty prompt, this photo might be of service to you. Might even unblock a writer’s block, you never know.

After this blog post and a few more cups of tea, I’m going to try and dish out a short story.

I mean, you gotta start somewhere, don’t you? Continue reading

[SundaySomethings] Balance


Great perspective on life, no?

Another article up on Collective Evolution, 5 Steps to Overcome Depression. =) Didn’t expect it’d be up today. This one is based once again on a more personal experience. So it’s strange to see it ‘out there’. I hope it can be of use to people who are going through difficult times.

Didn’t expect to start a Sunday series. For inspiration, to feed your intuition. Took me a few minutes to finally come across a suitable title.


[Writing Day] 9. Switching off the Android

[Writing Day] 9The time has come, the end is nigh. Germany won this morning, and two days ago I found my old phone. I was cleaning out boxes full of forgotten belongings, needless to say I ended up with less boxes, and a giant bag full of recycling.

My old phone is a Nokia N97 mini, Dad bought it for me a few years ago. I remember preferring it over the iPhone because it had a proper qwerty keyboard, and as I like to write, it was the most comfortable option. Then after 2 years of use it started wearing down, the memory was faltering, it started getting glitchy, the cover was peeling off. Well, I had dropped it a couple of times, so it was understandable.

I was growing tired and frustrated with it, and Dad bought my a Samsung S4 Duos. Faster, bigger, Google Apps, better camera, all that jazz. At first I was excited. But I still missed my old phone’s keyboard.

When work came along, and I actually had to be responsible with emails and WordPress Admin, students and everything, I grew more and more reliant on my Samsung. I had it with me all the time, and I was constantly restless. I never could really relax. I would try and rest but I found it difficult to switch off. Even though I didn’t have Facebook or Twitter on it all the time, I still felt constantly connected, and constantly obliged to check and re-check and keep up to date and keep informed.

When I found my old Nokia, by chance, at the bottom of a box full of old Philosophy and Asian History notes, I felt it was a message. From above, from the Cosmos, from whatever you wish to name it, you know who/what I’m referring to. My intuition told me I should give it another shot. Recharge it, and try and fix it. Not try, really. Because I knew it would be fixed. I had to force myself to trust myself, follow what my intuition was telling me.

‘Okay, dammit, why not?’

Over the weekend, and today, I did everything I could to fix it. And from the way things are going, it’s 90% okay, functioning perfectly, it’s just the music library that’s still a bit screwed. In the meantime, I’ve used it to do everyday normal mobile things, just texting and calling.

The verdict? So far, it’s fantastic. Continue reading

[Writing Day] 6. The Joy of Bread

[Writing Day] 6My little sister made this with spelt flour, so it’s gluten free, tear it open and it has chocolate inside.

Once again I was reminded by such a simple photograph of the importance of sticking to your dreams and your vision. She made a croissant made out of bread dough. Because she wanted to.

Yes, it’s simple. Yes, it’s small.

But no matter how small, it still has meaning. It still has it’s effects. A tiny bee allows for pollen to spread from flower to flower, it is a key aspect of our lives.

It’s important to keep your eyes open enough to see the small things, so you don’t overwhelm yourself with the big things.

One of the big reasons that was keeping me from writing was the fear of disapproval from some friends. The fear of being disowned. The fear of being laughed at, discriminated. Continue reading