[SundaySomethings] What is Life?

Open your eyes, listen to the music. Better yet, listen to your inner voice. Are you truly happy? Is your every day life something that satisfies you? Fulfils you? Is your weekly routine something that builds a wonderful future?

Look down the road that lies ahead of you. What is the ultimate destination?

You are living your life on this beautiful world. On this day, at this time.

Are you truly happy?

If not, time to wake up.

[SundaySomethings] Balance


Great perspective on life, no?

Another article up on Collective Evolution, 5 Steps to Overcome Depression. =) Didn’t expect it’d be up today. This one is based once again on a more personal experience. So it’s strange to see it ‘out there’. I hope it can be of use to people who are going through difficult times.

Didn’t expect to start a Sunday series. For inspiration, to feed your intuition. Took me a few minutes to finally come across a suitable title.