[Writing Day] 22. Little Sister’s Photos

[Writing Day] 22 2

She took over the camera today, while I was knitting. We were out for a coffee. =) Continue reading


[Writing Day] 21. Whoops


Writer’s confession: My favourite place to be when at primary school, high school, and university was… In the library. Preferably with a takeaway soy latte. At uni, of course.

I could escape the commitments, the deadlines, the dreaded prospect of exams.

The smell of old books mixed with coffee would make for the most perfect perfume. All it needed was a little bit of rain. Continue reading

[SundaySomethings] What is Life?

Open your eyes, listen to the music. Better yet, listen to your inner voice. Are you truly happy? Is your every day life something that satisfies you? Fulfils you? Is your weekly routine something that builds a wonderful future?

Look down the road that lies ahead of you. What is the ultimate destination?

You are living your life on this beautiful world. On this day, at this time.

Are you truly happy?

If not, time to wake up.

[CE Article] 5 Great Steps to Overcome Depression

Collective EvolutionBelieve it or not most, if not all, of us have experienced depression at some point in our lives. The extent of our depression varies according to each case, sometimes it’s so severe your doctor may recommend anti-depressants. Understandable, simple, logical diagnosis, no?

What does it mean?

De-pression. To de-press is to push down. To lower in amount or value. To be pushed lower. When you’re depressed, you’re not at your best, you’re not at your full potential, you’re not in a balanced, neutralized state of mind. You’re below that, you’re less than who you really are. Continue reading